What goes around comes around

Someone from up the street called someone who I know about a driver reversing from her yard and possibly touching my car. I subsequently inspected my car but couldn’t discern any damage as there were existing scratches on the car.

The reason I’m posting this is to show how people’s wicked actions come back to haunt them. The woman who allegedly struck my car is someone who had in the past perpetrated acts of wickedness against my family and me. For example—parking directly opposite my driveway and making it difficult for me to reverse my car, double parking, etc. On a few occasions, she and her husband, upon approaching and encountering my car reversing out of the driveway, drove up and parked their car directly in the path of my car forcing me to drive forward in order to re-angle my car. The anticipated response if you choose to complain: “What happen, yu cah drive!”

Ironically, years later, their children are now driving and I guess they hope that a degree of courtesy will be extended to them. Nonetheless, those who act uncivilly are aware that it is against the nature of others to reciprocate with wicked acts.           

Not everyone is brought up the same and one has to make provisions for the less cultured in the neighbourhood.