The dark side of Animal Rights

In the past, I have advocated for the protection of the stray cats in the area and now after numerous complaints and threats to take legal action against me for damage done by cats, I am forced to withdraw that plea.  (Though many of the stray cats don’t come into my yard, I’m told that once I feed stray cats I’m to be held culpable for the actions of all of them). Cat droppings are now being dumped in my yard and against the walls of my home. If that will prevent such persons from harming the cats, go ahead. But I know it will not.

In the past few weeks, two persons I had encountered in the mall and supermarket (one I do not know) “whispered” in my ear that I ought to be careful of “gunman” and arsonists if I continue to confront residents about their alleged poisoning and killing of animals. Perhaps it is meant to scare me; perhaps it’s real. (Let me clarify that the threats didn’t come from one particular resident but a few. Some people personally confront me, while others don’t.  The ones who don’t, nonetheless,  harbour ill-will regarding my stance on animal welfare. Sometimes I wish I were like most people and didn’t harbour compassion for animals.

After careful reflection and consideration for the wellbeing of my family, I have to appreciate— that the majority of people don’t possess compassion for animals. I wish I had the freedom to care for the community’s strays, but I don’t. I had previously embarked on a spaying exercise to control the stray cat population. Unfortunately, the impact of spaying is long-term and many of the cats have either been captured or poisoned. In light of the recent complaints, I have limited the amount of chow I place in my yard for the cats and have enclosed the sick strays.  Additionally, I’ve taken the decision to construct a barrier along the perimeter of the fence (on my side) to prevent cats from walking/sitting on other people’s walls.

I very much keep to myself and in order to exist peacefully and avoid vicious confrontation I have come to terms with the fact that people, in general, see stray cats and the people who care for them as nuisances. It’s a fact that cats keep away harmful rats and rodents but many residents don’t seem to appreciate this.  

It’s worth mentioning: there are those who blatantly refuse to respond to issues that affect other residents but expect you to “jump” when they complain—even though their concerns may be real or exaggerated. There are myriad wealthy and influential people in Gulf View and I can only wish that they will unite to humanely address the community’s stray animals. We have a short time on this earth and in the end, all that will matter is the good deeds we have done—which may very well enrich the quality of life of  our children and those we leave behind. All in all, it’s heart wrenching to see what some people do to an innocent animal.


RP Joseph