Advertising & Fashion Photography: BRAG’s “Creative Image.”
The total sum of an effective image is its ability to elicit the right emotions and sensations from the target audience. 

Art conjures up feelings of sincerity, honesty, and trust, all of which bear powerful associations with advertising. To defray production cost, BRAG offers a moderately priced “Creative Image” service, second to none, to small and medium-sized businesses in and around San Fernando with free, no-obligation consultation.

Our “Creative Image”—from idea to graphic—draws from our talented in-house resources and incorporates tried and tested concepts.  A “Creative Image” is a high-quality graphic which may be used for creating promotional cards,  storefront posters, print and social media ads. 

BRAG provides personalised service in order to maintain the highest quality and standard. As such, we do not take on more projects than we can adequately handle. Our response is based on a first come basis to eligible businesses.